dinner in the dark

A few weeks ago hubby and I celebrated our anniversary! We decided long ago that we should share the responsibility between us every other year for how to celebrate the anniversary day. This is a lovely tradition, so this year it was hubby’s turn to take care of the details and I was the one trying to figure out what kind of evening he had planned for us. We met for drinks at Ljungren’s terrace, a very casual but hip roof top bar at Sodermalm. After the drinks we took a stroll down town, to the lazy streets of Sofo, the cozy quarters with all the boutiques and antiques. And suddenly we stopped outside this very small and simple entrance that did not reveal much. Svartklubben (Dark restaurant) was the place for the anniversary dinner, a three course in total darkness served by the blind owner and his staff. They entertained us with music and songs, we were seated next to another couple who we spent 4 hours singing and chatting with – and with no clue about how they or the other guests or interior even looked like.  It was an amazing and enlightening experience that added a new dimension to my senses.  That strange feeling of pouring up the wine in the dark, tasting it, allowing myself to relax and just listen to the voices around me, eat the food without seeing the plate, without knowing the colours, the origin or anything about the menu! I recommend you all to give it a try! Things we sometimes take for granted is not always the reality for others. 

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