mushroom hunting

mushrooms in swedenAutumn is my favourite season, we love picking mushrooms and explore the woods with Elsa. She has got everything figured out and knows that new adventures awaits when I put on my wellies and grab the picnic basket. Her short legs are filled with excitement when we enter the forest and she runs around sniffing the air and the ground, you can only imagine what kind of animals that have passed this route before us: wild boar, deer, rabbit, moose… The birds are chirping and a fox makes scary noises that make us all jump. When the basket is full we head back to the cottage for a cup of warm cider in front of the fire.picking mushrooms


2 thoughts on “mushroom hunting

  1. Ja, jag älskar trattkantareller, de är så förlåtande! Så enkla att plocka, man hittar dem alltid i flock och behöver knappt rensas. De är lätta att torka och håller hela vintern lång!


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