winter chanterelles

Easy pasta with winter chanterelles

Easy pasta with winter chanterelles

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Sometimes all I want is some good ol’ pasta with a simple sauce. This is a favourite from late autumn that works very well with the mushrooms that I’ve picked and dried for later occasions. Of course using fresh winter chanterelles is the better choice, but by putting the dried mushrooms in water before use, it almost is like having fresh ones! Soak the mushrooms in water for a couple of hours, then squeeze them dry with your hands.

Start by adding some butter and oil to a medium-high heated pan, fry the mushrooms with two cloves of crushed garlic, add two tablespoons of mushroom soy sauce. I love the crackling sound from the chanterelles! After a minute or two stir down chopped kale and leek. It should go from crisp to tender in a few minutes, sprinkle over some dry cayenne pepper, pour some lactose-free cream over the vegetables and mushrooms. then finish off with black and white pepper from a pepper mill. I was lucky to have some fresh organic parsley that I also chopped and sprinkled over my winter chanterelle sauce and gluten-free pasta dish!

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