ElizabethWindisch_IMG_1624 I’ve had severe morning sickness from January and been away from the blog and instagram for a while. Last week we got back from a lovely babymoon and during the vacation I got better day by day. We returned to Tubkaak, one of the most relaxed and beautiful places we’ve been to during our 17 years together. Compared to Oriental Bangkok this boutique hotel is personal and friendly on a level that makes you feel at home. Some of the staff can be a bit on the junior level in their service, but the aim is always to serve and make you comfortable. From the airport a chauffeur drove us in a private limousine to Tubkaak and at arrival Sunny and his fabulous team greeted us and made us feel very welcome from the start. They remembered us from our last visit and congratulated us to the baby. My husband had made the hotel reservation and chose a package called Escape To Nature which included 3 nights accommodation with breakfast, round trip airport transfers, one hour Thai massage at L’escape spa and one Thai set dinner at The Arundina restaurant by the beach. We stayed in a stylish Deluxe room placed on the upper floor of one of the villas by the pool. The balcony was almost nestled in the fruit trees and the bathroom with its outdoor bathtub and shower was just heavenly. ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2705ElizabethWindisch_IMG_1694 I’ve never felt so taken care of! They asked me about my cravings and aversions, recommended what I should eat to feel better and to make the growing baby happy (lots of fresh coconut water and fruits). We had a smaller room to shower and change in to more comfortable beach clothes because of our early arrival. While our room was made ready we enjoyed just being back again and relaxed in the beach hut. This is the first hotel that we have returned to, to actually do nothing and just be – not to do excursions nor any visits outside the area, that really reflects how serene and beautiful this resort is on its own: the location with its green and lush surroundings, the private beach with the soft clean sand and of course the amazing views of the Hong Islands. Every evening we were greeted with a warm sunset that was almost too perfect. ElizabethWindisch_IMG_1664ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2540ElizabethWindisch_IMG_1682ElizabethWindisch_IMG_1687 Before having a drink or two at the restaurant, we took a stroll down the beach. The light is magical and you can’t fail the photo opportunities. At our first night we had a small dinner, we had just had an hour of massage and was a bit exhausted from the long flight. The massage was great as always and my therapist was informed about my pregnancy and was therefore very gentle. When my husband was snoring next to me she ended the session with making a cute braid on my hair. ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2436ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2486ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2690ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2186ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2675ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2230ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2178ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2279ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2397 ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2376 The food at the Arundina restaurant is very authentic and spicy – I didn’t now I’d become a bit sensitive lately so we went for medium spicy, but it was a bit too spicy for me but perfect for my husband. The staff handed me sweet bananas to comfort me, which was really needed! One evening dear hubby surprised me with a private dinner on the beach to celebrate our babymoon, yes right on the beach under the trees. The table was decorated with candles and fresh flowers, and the whole setting with lights and music was just beautiful. We spent four wonderful hours feasting on an eight course dinner and the timing was just perfect with a fire work right after the dessert (arranged by a hotel nearby). ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2315ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2335ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2353     ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2324 ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2363ElizabethWidnisch_IMG_1618 On our last night we had another dinner on the beach, which was included in the package. We had several courses that reflected the region in a very good way. We were able to chose our favourites from the private dinner and enjoy them once again. The most memorable one was the duck in curry with longans, a sweet fruit that accompanied the spiciness perfectly.Hubby of course went for som tam, the papaya salad. During our two weeks away, he made sure to have som tam everyday! In the mornings hubby went to the gym and was hungry as a wolf when he returned. The breakfast was lovely, lots of fresh fruits and enough variety to keep us satisfied every morning. The chef made omelettes and pancakes on demand and without my request the staff came up with delicious gluten- and lactos-free pancakes and muffins! They were always very attentive and sometimes the language barrier was a bit difficult, but everything was always solved. ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2637ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2500ElizabethWindisch_IMG_2657 We left the resort with so much new energy and lovely memories. My severe morning sickness was gone and we were so happy that we started our vacation on Tubkaak. So if you are looking for coral-blue waters and some toe-dipping in soft sands with the love of your life far away from the crowds, make sure to plan a vacation to Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort.

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