oak wood ranch

It was on a sunny but chilly day in March we met our friends at Oak Wood Ranch. Aunt Bia, Elsa’s dogwalker, was invited to take my place on the horseback. Our friends Anna and Richard brought Wille, their 2 year old and also our godson. Anna’s mum was there with her dogs and to look after her grandchild. The men were not very excited about the activity, but both Anna and I were confident that they would like it. I had to back out because of my condition, but Elsa and I had a long nice walk in the forest with Wille and his granny. I think hubby really got a taste for the cowboy life and now we’re talking about doing this to a weekend trip, maybe rent a cottage and go horse riding for a couple of days, have a picnic and  barbecue, sleep under the stars one night… And of course go fishing if he gets to decide!

ElizabethWindisch_0432 ElizabethWindisch_0473 ElizabethWindisch_0405 ElizabethWindisch_0471 ElizabethWindisch_0465 ElizabethWindisch_0557 ElizabethWindisch_0518 ElizabethWindisch_0486 ElizabethWIndisch_0552 ElizabethWindisch_0542 ElizabethWindisch_0425

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