raspberries & rhubarb

A wonderful and delicious way to celebrate Spring! Try this pavlova with fresh rhubarb curd and wild raspberries.

It was a joy to finally be able to pick the first rhubarbs from the garden! The wild raspberries are from last August, my beautiful  mother spent hours in the woods so she could fill my freezer with memories from the summer.

And the merengue? Whisk together 4 room temperatured egg whites with a drop of white vine vinegar, add 2 dl sugar gradually. Whisk until the whites are glossy and firm before spreading the meringue on a baking parchment. Bake it for one hour at 150 celsius.

How to make a delicious curd that has that right balance of sweet and sour: Put 600g rhubarb, washed, trimmed and roughly chopped in a pot, add some water and sugar (depending on how sour you want the curd, I use only 0.5 dl) and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Add cornstarch, 1 egg yolk and 100 grams of butter. Stir constantly until the curd has thickened. This usually takes about 15 minutes more. The curd might seem a bit runny, but after cooling the consistence will improve.

To serve, whip a lot of cream, spread the curd over the merengue and top with raspberries. Enjoy!

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